As one of the largest Adult Education Centres in non-metropolitan Australia it caters on average of 6,000 people annually through a broad range of learning activities. The Albury Wodonga Community College has been planning, implementing and evaluating adult education programs for over 3 decades.

  • English as a Second Language - 20+ years as the largest provider of ESL in the region.
  • Early school leavers - 20+ years developing innovative responses to the needs of young people and Adult Year 12.
  • Adult Literacy - 20+ years of accredited and non-accredited delivery.
  • People with a Disability - 15 + years of innovation in supporting access to Mainstream programs.
  • Unemployed/Youth Programs - 20+ years of training and assistance.
  • Two Independent School for Years 9 through to 12
  • Aged - Creative Learners and U3A program for 25+ years.

Over the years the Albury Wodonga Community College has maintained a unique position as a cross border Education provider, registered in Victoria and New South Wales as an ACE provider and RTO. The AWCC supports other smaller Victorian rural towns with Affiliated Centres who maintain their local autonomy. The AWCC works with a wide range of education providers, community and government agencies and links with community services providing a holistic network of delivery and referral.

Building upon past history and experience AWCC has undertaken an extensive renewal process to establish a sound and innovative base to enter the new millennium.

Development of programs and systems of outstanding quality which have influenced the provision and practice of adult education and learning.

  • Development of a National Award Winning Program for Access Learning, a program which has been maintained as a mainstream program to support people with disabilities within the AWCC.
  • Development of Community Early-Years Childcare, an innovative program which delivers Childcare to Rural areas.
  • Response by Mobile Childcare to operate childcare in the Bandiana Safe Haven for Kosovo refugees, dealing with children and parents suffering from trauma.
  • Development and achievement of ACE Quality Award. AWCC Board of Directors policies cited as Best Practice in NSW and Victoria. Successful achievement at AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework) Standards.
  • AWCC is a charter member of the Learning City project of Albury Wodonga.

Significant innovation in curriculum design, methodology or delivery modes of Training.

  • Development of flexible workplace delivery of Accredited courses in large firms (some programs for staffing of 30 or more) and for small businesses since 1999.
  • Introduced new flexible and blended methods of learning in offering over 300 online and distance education courses.
  • Development of flexible delivery for literacy students, in particular materials for farmers and part time/casual workers.
  • Provision of advisory service to business and industry on literacy needs.
  • Development of innovative programs for young people, including students at risk of leaving school, young offenders and early school leavers

Outstanding teaching practice, determined by significant outcomes over a period of time for learners.

  • English as a Second Language programs have been maintained as the largest program in the region, with extensive demand from refugees.
  • Second chance literacy and accredited literacy have been maintained and developed to meet the growing needs of not only adults but also young people and people with a disability for functional literacy.
  • Community programs have been maintained and grown, extending access through use of many community venues.
  • Review and redevelopment of the Adult VCE has resulted in the AWCC becoming the largest provider of Adult Year 12 in rural and regional Victoria.
  • Extensive programs for older people (Active Ageing, Creative Learners) and expansion of the University of the Third Age.

The AWCC has developed a leadership style, which is quite demanding. The goals for the organisation are broad to enable quick responses to needs as they are expressed across the community. As a community based provider the AWCC has faced and taken on challenges, responding with both innovation and vigour to greet the coming years ahead.

Albury Wodonga Community College gratefully acknowledges the support of the:
  • Victorian State Government
  • New South Wales State Government
  • Commonwealth Government

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