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About Us

Early Learning Curriculum & Standards


Our team of qualified educators are guided by the best practice in early childhood education curriculum and research. The team embraces state and national Early Learning frameworks

  • National Quality Framework (NQF)
  • National Quality Standard (NQS)
  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
  • Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework (VEYLDF)





Community Early-years Childcare’s education and care programs are based on ‘play’.


  • ‘Play’ is the creative process that lays the foundation for early literacy, creativity and numeracy skills. Through play children have the opportunity to explore aspects of their identity, engage in group and shared experiences that build on social skills, and develop understanding about inclusiveness and empathy
  • Play also promotes learning dispositions that build on problem solving, persistence, creativity and concentration skills. It allows for children to be immersed in the wonder of life, developing traits such as independence, self- help skills and a sense of agency
  • We encourage the children to consider a sensible approach to make ‘good choices’, and have respect for themselves and the world around them
  • Play is also a means for children to explore language and communication; building on listening skills, comprehension and the ability to articulate their message clearly to others



Quality Relationships


  • Community Early-years Childcare recognises the importance of quality relationships and ensures that each child is recognised as an individual who is on their own learning journey
  • Every child has the opportunity to participate in learning experiences that allow for growth in their development, often through activities that are scaffolded by the educators to build on the child’s self-confidence and sense of achievement
  • We recognise that the child’s family is vital in the success of the child’s learning and we aim to work closely with them to ensure that the best learning outcomes can be achieved





Our Philosophy


Mission Statement

Community Early-years Childcare (CEYC) firmly believe in the importance of each individual child’s early years as the foundation for their learning and development. The Educators at CEYC have a shared set of values and endeavour to provide rich and nurturing environments that supports children’s learning through play. We are committed to inclusive practices to ensure that the voices of children, families and educators are heard and each perspective is valued. We pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with families and communities.



  • We respect family cultural practices in each community and aim to build partnerships that promote inclusive environments for all children, families and educators
  • We believe in quality education and care, and use a holistic approach to cater for the individual needs of the children, families and communities in which we operate
  • We respect each educator’s personal pedagogies aim to achieve child focused approaches by offering high quality education and care which reflects current practices and professional knowledge, the National Quality Standards and recognised Developmental Frameworks
  • We acknowledge each child as an individual. We aim to fully support them to maximise their learning potential through developmentally appropriate experiences, which reflect the children’s interests and strengths
  • We value play as a means for learning and recognise children learn by ‘doing’. Our programs will therefore encompass an educational curriculum that uses play as the basis for learning
  • We value the cultural diversity found within our service and communities, and the cultural elements in our programs used to represent and learn about all persons and their culture




We will


  • Endeavour to develop reciprocal relationships with families and communities that acknowledge and respect diversity
  • Collaborate with individual communities to provide unique educational settings based on community needs
  • Engage in reflective practice regularly to inform our quest for best practice and future professional learning needs
  • Create a supportive environment that promotes trust, respects the rights and dignity of each individual and develops each child’s self-identity and resilience
  • Foster the children’s learning through the development of educational and care programs that are devised from the children’s interests and developmental needs
  • Endeavour to reduce the environmental footprint by embedding sustainability practices within our services as appropriate



Community Early-years Childcare is committed to establishing quality education and care for all children as they embark on their journey through Early Childhood. Community Early-years Childcare endeavour to instil passion into each child which encourages them to Be, Belong and Become!


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