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Policies and Standards

Mission Statement • Uniting Values • Privacy Statement • Complaints & Appeals 




Mission Statement


Our Vision


The Community College will be a vibrant educational organisation, at the forefront of meeting the changing needs of our community in a flexible, innovative and positive way.



Our Mission


To respond to the learning needs of different communities in a positive manner.



Our Values


We believe that learning is intrinsically valuable and that it:


  • Empowers the individual
  • Promotes growth of the individual
  • Provides opportunities of choice
  • Improves the quality of life of participants and our community
  • Improves citizenship in our community



Our Quality


The Community College is committed to high quality service and continuous improvement, through its focus on:


  • Organisational Planning
  • Core Business
  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Human Resource Management



Uniting Values


The following are the uniting values that AWCC staff agree to abide by

Professional Respect


I will make every effort to keep current with other organisational programs and services.


I will seek to communicate with those who can inform me and I will make it my task to actively listen to others.


I will treat other staff with respect and empathy, acknowledge their contributions, and build on our individual relationships.

Human Fairness


I will consider the student’s or customer’s view before I act.


I will respect the feelings, rights and differences of others. I will provide the best information I can.


If I can assist, I will.


I will act in an inclusive manner.


I will commit myself to the purpose of the organisation.


I will test that the things I do, are compatible with the Vision and Mission of the Community College.


I will do the things that I have agreed will be done.


I will be true to myself, other staff and the organisation.

Self Development

I will strive to be successful.


I will acknowledge when I am wrong, and learn from my mistakes.


I will continually learn, improving my performance.


I will consider the full range of facts before I make a decision.

Privacy and Personal Information


Where State or Commonwealth funding supports training, AWCC is obliged to submit personal and progress details for research, statistical analysis, program evaluation, post completion survey and internal management purposes.


AWCC does not share, rent, or sell personal information provided to them. The confidentiality of the information collected is protected under the Commonwealth, Victorian and New South Wales Privacy Acts (Privacy Act 1988; Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 No 133; Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014). If AWCC is required to disclose information about students to a third party, a written consent from the student must be obtained (ie editorial, photos for advertising purposes, etc).

Read Albury Wodonga Community College's full privacy statement here




Complaints and Appeals


We recognise that grievances can arise from time to time and believe that the quick settlement of these matters is in the best interest of all parties concerned. Student Appeals are also welcome if you feel you have justifiable reasons/evidence for your coursework to be re-examined against your Trainer and Assessor's original assessment decision. We document complaints and may use a complaint as an opportunity for continuous improvement. There is a detailed process in our Student Handbook and Staff Handbook advising staff and students how they can make a complaint or an appeal. We also recognise that a member of the general public may wish to make a complaint, if so, please complete the Complaints and Appeals Form and deliver it via: 


Email: Reception at 

Mail: Albury Wodonga Community College, PO Box 129, WODONGA, VIC, 3689 

In person: Please deliver to the Reception desk at Albury Wodonga Community College, 63 High Street WODONGA 


Complaints and Appeals Form (PDF)